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Years of expertise coupled with measured foresight of our mentors have enabled us in conducting our business successfully across markets. The state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at ANJALEE INDUSTRIES is well equipped with advanced equipments that strictly function on cutting edge expertise to deliver both small and bulk orders of valves ranging from Ball valve, Gate valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Forged Steel Valve, Lined Valve, Plug Valve to Butterfly Valve. The key aspect for success of our organization is to see the clients’ delight which comes from qualitative valves, after sales service and timely delivery. This is attained via good leadership for motivating clients down the ladder along with awareness of strict quality beginning from procurement of raw materials/ingredients, in process to the final dispatch. With our obsession with keeping time and pace and having such an advanced set-up, we are constantly striving to keep up with the up gradation of valves and the ever changing technological demands.

Power Generation ::

Continuous development and focus on product and process improvements have created a range of products that provide high availability and good long-term value in spite of high pressure drops, vibrations, tight shutoff requirements and corrosive environments. Our valves are used by major power producers and manufacturers of turbines, HRSGs and utility boilers for power generation across the globe.
  Petrochemical Industries ::  
Petrochemical installations cover a wide range of applications, producing an array of products under an enormous variety of operating conditions. In addition to safe handling of toxic products, a good corrosion resistance, reliability and low cost are of great importance.
  Oil & Gas ::  
In the field of oil & gas exploration and processing, our valves are often used in Christmas trees and gas processing installations.

Thanks to the fact that HEW has taken the lead in product and process improvements, we are able to meet the ever-increasing demand for utilisation, uptime and cost reduction.
  Compressor :  
Air technology is increasing in todays world and so Air Compressors too, From Last Three Decades HEW is a proud OEM supplier of Safety Valves to the leading compressors manufacturing Companies of India. HEW have various design of Safety Valve which will suitable for different kind of cmpressors.
    Ball Valve
    Butterfly Valve
    Forge Steel Check   Valve
    Forged Steel Globe   Valve
    Gate valve
    Globe Valve
    Lift Up Check Valve
    Safety Valve
    Safety Valve
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